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Made up

“Can I have the peanut kisses  and the avocado flavors.” I say to the Bee Farm Ice Cream lady. The summer heat not only makes me thirsty but is also biting my already tanned skin “here’s my payment.”

“I’ll pay for it.”

I look behind me, and sees him grinning at me.

“You don’t have to.” I say, unsmiling. I know him, only by face. I am not sure, but I think he owns the Scuba Store near the hotel where I am staying.

“Please, let me.” he says, now bashful at my lack of emotion. He gives a hundred peso bill to the lady when I remain still. “I-

“What do you want?” I ask, it may be blunt but I don’t want any business from him.

I reach for my ice cream and thank the lady.

I look around me, and unconsciously lick on my ice cream, and start walking slowly as to not to get other people’s attention. He is still following just a step behind me. A distance just enough for me to hear him and yet people won’t think we’re together.

“Your name?”

“Seriously?” I halt. “My name for an ice cream, huh.” I may have looked at him aghast, as he smirks

“Well,  I can buy you dinner. ” he says a bit brusquely, I almost want to chuckle.

“No.” I say, suppressing a smile.

I am now facing him and realizes a mistake. I have only looked at him from a far, never in this close distance.

“What do you mean No?” he asks, still grinning.

“No to that dinner and NO to my name.” I respond a bit more bluntly this time, and turn my back on him.

“I bought you ice cream.” he tries to joke.

“Which I didn’t ask you to.” I say in sarcasm. “I can afford it myself.”

“I didn’t mean that. ” he says, distress in his voice is apparent. “Really.”

He gets my point. In a place like this, it’s not a surprise prostitution is present. You can almost see  It  is just a matter where you are looking at it- it’s just a matter who preys who.

“Hey, there are lots of other girls here.” i say it for a fact, I can almost see his mouth twerks, as if what I just said was ludicrous and he wants to say something but changes his mind. “Sorry, but I’m not giving my ice cream back. ”

“That’s fine, I’ll still get to see you in your bikinis anyway.”







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